Learn How to take Airtel Data Loan in just a few Simple Steps

how to take 1gb loan in airtel

Introduction of Airtel 1GB Loan ( How to take 1GB loan in Airtel)

Airtel 1GB Loan is a service offered by Bharti Airtel, one of India’s leading telecommunications companies. This service is designed to provide Airtel prepaid customers with a quick and convenient way to access additional mobile data when they are running low on their data balance and don’t have sufficient account balance to purchase a data pack.

With the Airtel 1GB Loan, eligible customers can borrow 1GB of mobile data, which is then immediately added to their data balance. This allows users to stay connected, browse the internet, use apps, and access online content even when they are faced with a data shortage.

It’s important to note that the 1GB of data borrowed through this service is a loan, and it needs to be repaid. The repayment is usually automatic and occurs when the user recharges their prepaid account. Airtel deducts the borrowed data from the recharge amount, ensuring that customers can continue to enjoy uninterrupted mobile data services.

This service provides flexibility and convenience for Airtel users, allowing them to manage their data needs even when their account balance is low. It’s a useful feature for staying connected and making the most of your Airtel mobile services. The exact terms and eligibility for the Airtel 1GB Loan may vary and are subject to Airtel’s policies and offerings at the time of use.


how to take 1gb loan in airtel

Data Loan Number/Code
Number 52141 or 121
USSD Code *141*567# or *144*10# or *121*567#

Step-by-Step Guide For how to take a 1 GB loan in Airtel

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

  • Make sure you have an Airtel prepaid connection.
  • Ensure your account balance is very low, or you have run out of data.

Step 2: Dial the Loan Code

  • Pick up your phone and dial *141# on your Airtel number.

Step 3: Choose the Data Loan Option

  • After dialing the code, you’ll see a menu with different loan options.
  • Look for the data loan option, which is usually labeled as “Data Loan” or something similar.
  • Enter the corresponding number or keyword to select the data loan option (e.g., “1” or “Data”).

Step 4: Confirm Your Loan

  • Airtel will typically offer different data loan options, like 50MB, 100MB, 1GB, etc.
  • Select the 1GB data loan by entering the appropriate number or keyword (e.g., “3” for 1GB).
  • Confirm your selection.

Step 5: Receive the Data Loan

  • If you’re eligible, Airtel will grant you a 1GB data loan.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message on your phone, indicating that the loan has been successfully added to your account.

Step 6: Repay the Loan

  • Remember, this is a loan, and you’ll need to repay it later.
  • The 1GB data will be automatically deducted from your account balance the next time you recharge.
  • Make sure to recharge your account before the due date to avoid service disruptions.

That’s it! You’ve successfully taken a 1GB data loan on Airtel. This can be a helpful feature when you’re in need of data but have a low balance. Just remember to repay the loan on your next recharge to keep your Airtel services active.

Different types of Airtel  Recharge plans


Recharge Amount (INR) Plan Description
₹149 Unlimited calls, 2 GB data, 300 SMS, 28 days validity
₹249 Unlimited calls, 1.5 GB/day data, 100 SMS/day, 28 days validity
₹399 Unlimited calls, 1.5 GB/day data, 100 SMS/day, 56 days validity
₹599 Unlimited calls, 2 GB/day data, 100 SMS/day, 84 days validity
₹699 Unlimited calls, 2 GB/day data, 100 SMS/day, 56 days validity
₹1,299 Unlimited calls, 2 GB/day data, 100 SMS/day, 365 days validity
₹2,498 Unlimited calls, 2 GB/day data, 100 SMS/day, 365 days validity


Types of Airtel Data Loan with Details

Data Loan Type Description Eligibility Repayment Terms
Emergency Data Loan Allows users to borrow a small amount of data (e.g., 50MB) when they have exhausted their data balance and have a low main balance. The borrowed data is typically valid for a short duration, such as 24 hours. Prepaid customers with low balance or data exhaustion Automatically deducted when you recharge your account.
Smart Data Loan An intelligent service that assesses your data balance and usage. It offers data loans when you are in need, and the borrowed data is automatically deducted when your account is recharged. This may come with a higher interest rate compared to other data loans. Prepaid customers with a history of recharges Automatic deduction upon the next recharge.
Data Pack Loan Allows users to borrow a specific data pack with a predefined data limit and validity period (e.g., 1GB for 3 days). The borrowed data pack is added to your account immediately. Eligibility varies based on the user’s history Service charge applies; repayment is through subsequent recharges.
Internet Loan Service A comprehensive service that combines voice, data, and talk time loans to cater to the immediate communication and connectivity needs of Airtel users. It may include options for borrowing data, talktime, and more. Eligibility varies based on the user’s history Repayment terms vary based on the type of loan taken.


Conclusion: Airtel makes it easy for its prepaid users to stay connected by offering a 1 GB data loan when they need it the most. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog, you can ensure you’re never caught without data again. Just remember to repay the loan when you recharge next, and you’re all set to enjoy uninterrupted internet access with Airtel. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay entertained with Airtel’s data loan service!


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